Help with New Year’s Resolutions – by Christine Jambrosic, PDHom, Homeopath

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It’s that time of year where you start to hear of New Year’s resolutions and all of the good intentions that everyone has for the coming year.   All through January these good intentions and efforts abound with smiles on faces. Health clubs are busy, produce aisles are teeming, houses are neat and organize. Then, February kicks in.  Convenience, laziness and bad habits start to wage war and all of these new routines start to slip.  It is always such a shame to see, since making the decision and effort to make the changes in the first place is the hard part.  Keeping them up, with the right strategies in place, is actually easier than you would think. By putting a few of these game plans in place along with your new resolution, you can have a much better chance of it becoming a permanent part of your lifestyle rather than just a passing fancy.


  1. MAKE A PLAN THAT WILL STICK.  Figure out ahead of time how you are going to make this work.  If it’s exercise, outline when you’ll go and what you’ll do.  Be honest with yourself … is what you’ve planned realistic?  If it’s not, start with smaller steps and work up.
  2. START SMALL.  Don’t jump in for a gallon of water each morning, start with a glass.  Know what your optimal goal is, and fulfill that when you’re able to.  When you’re not, feel proud that you’ve accomplished the baby step that you’ve set out for yourself.
  3. MAKE ONE CHANGE AT A TIME.  Don’t try to take on too much. One major lifestyle change is already great.  There’s no reason that you can’t incorporate another halfway through the year once the first one has become habit.
  4. INVOLVE SUPPORT.  This can be family or a buddy or both. The more people you have either pursuing the same goal with you or even just supporting your efforts, the more success you’ll have. These are the people to call on in your weak moments. You’d be surprised how motivating a verbal encouragement can be from someone who’s proud of what you’re trying to do!

Have a Joyous and Healthy 2013! Christine Jambrosic, PDHom, Homeopath, MIM

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