Treating chronic, difficult health conditions using a combination of nutrition and herbs, in oral and injectable form, and pharmaceuticals where required.


Dr. John Gannage is a leader in Integrative Medicine and specializes in prevention and treatment of chronic disease using a combination of conventional and complementary medicine.

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Histamine Intolerance: The Game Changer in Chronic Illness

Game-changing. Paradigm-shifting. Revolutionizing.  I am not one for hyperbole or exaggeration. But when I attend conferences, as I do often, and sift through the mounds of information, my service as a health practitioner is to bring to the clinic, on the Monday...

How to Get Your Family on Board with Healthy Eating

Healthy eating should be sufficient in both quality and quantity to meet your body’s needs to support health, energy, and balance. 

How to Reduce Your Major Triggers for Mast Cell Activation

What steps do you need to take to reduce these mast cell triggers? I want to offer you a practical and simple guide to reduce the major triggers of mast cell activation and decrease mast cell-related symptoms.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

The benefits of infrared sauna therapy include improved detoxification, better immune health, decreased inflammation, improved pain relief, improved insulin sensitivity, better endurance, increased heart health, lower stress, and improved mental health.

The Link Autism and Environmental Toxicity: Exploring the Latest Research

Toxin exposure is not great news for anyone, but it’s particularly risky if we are talking about autism. Air pollution and environmental toxin exposure during pregnancy, infancy, or childhood may increase the risk and worsen the symptoms of autism. 

How to Select the Right Probiotics

Probiotic supplements have gained popularity in recent years. More and more people are aware of the importance of gut microbiome health and probiotics. But with so many probiotic supplement brands on the market, it can be overwhelming to select the right probiotics....

6 Steps to a Healthier Pantry

Creating a healthier pantry and kitchen can set you up for success. If your pantry and kitchen are full of healthy foods and helpful appliances, it will be easier for you to make and choose healthy foods.

What Is the Best Diet for Brain Health? — Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

According to an exciting new research study, the Mediterranean diet and the MIND diet may help you do that and protect your brain health.

IBS Updates: New Insights to Treatment for IBS

While you may experience chronic symptoms, in IBS, there are no signs of clear gastrointestinal damage or disease.

Nutrition Tips

Top Tips to Improve Your Nutrition

Eating well can be more difficult than it sounds