Leader In Integrative Medicine

Treating chronic, difficult health conditions using a combination of nutrition and herbs, in oral and injectible form, and pharmaceuticals where required.

Meet Dr. John Gannage

Dr. John Gannage is a leader in Integrative Medicine and specializes in prevention and treatment of chronic disease using a combination of conventional and complementary medicine.

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Meet Dr. John Gannage, MD, CCFP

A leading provider of Integrative Medicine, offering health services as a licensed medical doctor to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond since 1992.

Markham Integrative Medicine Clinic

A clinic founded by Dr. John Gannage specializing in the integration of conventional and complementary medicine, located near historic downtown Markham.

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What is Integrative Medicine? Dr. Gannage Explains...

Integrative Medicine is the simultaneous application of orthodox, conventional Western medicine and unorthodox complementary health practices with the sole purpose of securing improved patient outcomes.

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Are You Upstream or Downstream?

The metaphor that describes the need for an upstream approach to healthcare exemplifies why any functional medicine doctor chooses his/her field. Coined by Irving Zola and made popular in McKinlay's defining paper, "A case for refocusing upstream: The political...

Candida Revisited: A Persistent Foe

The term Candida is thrown around every day. But do you know what Candida is and how it may affect your body?  Many people think that Candida is only responsible for vaginal yeast infections. In reality, Candida overgrowth can affect your entire body. It may lead to...

Autism and Nutrient Therapy: 5 Possible Nutrient Deficiencies in ASD

There are a number of genetic and environmental factors that may play a role in the development and treatment of autism. A significant and growing body of research evidence suggests that nutrient deficiencies may be an important factor in ASD (Autism Spectrum...

Post-pandemic Wellness — What I Recommend

total Our pre-pandemic lives seem like a distant memory. It’s been over two years since the novel coronavirus has appeared. The world is now transitioning to a post-pandemic world where we are learning to deal with COVID-19, and news about it, as a normal part of...

Long Hauler Syndrome – Part 2

If you are experiencing symptoms of Long Hauler COVID, there are a number of dietary and other measures you can take to best support yourself. These tips should help you get started on your recovery journey if you remain unwell from COVID.

Tips for Stabilizing Mast Cells

Mast cell activation syndrome is a complex health issue that may affect multiple areas of your body. It may be triggered by mold, toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, allergens, food, and stress. It may cause rashes, hives, itching, headaches, fatigue, weakness,...

Brain Inflammation and Diet

What Is Brain Inflammation and What Effect Does it Have on Health? Inflammation is an immune system response to injury, infections, toxins, and irritants.  It happens when white blood cells are sent to the part of the body that is ‘under attack’ or injured in order to...

Fundamentals of Functional Medicine: Understanding Inflammation

What causes chronic inflammation, what does it mean, and what we can do about it?

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