by Dr. John Gannage

Digestive System & Disease*

The following information is intended to provide you with some insight as to what may be causing your distressing symptoms, and can include a method for beginning the process of feeling well again. Some of the concepts have been known for centuries, although not part of mainstream medicine – YET! It is only a matter of time.

Six Steps For a Balanced Life

Oxygen is essential to life, and breathing is the manner in which this life-giving gas is brought into our tissues. Yet many people take this action for granted, without reference to it, such that their breathing volume becomes short, and patterns erratic.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Integrative Medicine: Understanding Inflammation and Autoimmunity

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, progressive disease affecting joints and related tissues. It is an autoimmune disease affecting 3-5% of the population, with 50 % of those affected stopping work within 10 years due to disability. Conventional medical treatments aim to reduce joint destruction, and are well known to have benefits but toxic side effects in some patients. An approach that reduces inflammation through nutrition support is potentially very useful in changing the painful and sometimes debilitating face of this disease.

Heart Health and Metabolic Syndrome

The medical community has recently seen a raft of literature instructing “aggressive” management of hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol (the Big Three). The basic premise goes something like this: diagnose early and treat early, while at the same time lowering the upper limits of acceptability for these “diseases”.

Tis the Season to Avoid the Bulge

The holiday preparations, parties and treats are upon us. Afterwards, there are many weeks of cold days. If you’re not careful you may find at the end of 4 months that you’ve gained 15 pounds or more. Heck, some may gain that by New Year’s Day. Here are some tips to help avoid the extra pounds.


The prostate is an important part of the male reproductive system, a walnut -shaped gland situated at the bottom of the bladder that produces the majority of the fluid in the male ejaculate. It surrounds the urethra like a donut, and grows throughout the lifetime of a man.


Pesticides are among the most widely used chemicals in the world, and also among the most dangerous to human health. Currently over 2.5 million tons of such chemicals, worth over US $30 billion, are applied to crops in every country in the world. In Canada, 7000 such chemicals are registered for use, with the Canadian government lacking any legislation for examining their adverse effects and relying on the manufactures to provide their own version of evidence. By definition, pesticides are chemical substances used to kill animal, insect, plant and fungal pests in agricultural, domestic and institutional settings.


Dr. Jan Scholten, medical doctor and author of “Homeopathy and the Elements”, writes that the term psychosomatism is obsolete, not because the term is inaccurate or unfounded, but because all disease has a psychosomatic component, or represents an interaction between psyche (mind) and soma (body). Dr. David Hawkins, medical doctor and author of “Power vs. Force”, writes that the underlying cause of hypertension is anger, suppressed and expressed, and that a disease process is evidence that “something is amiss in the mind”.


This article, as the warm weather arrives, is intended to provide guidance to those committed to physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. In the shorter term, the information will assist the prevention of electrolyte disturbances from exercise and improper fluid replacement which are common, and which can be dangerous. Long term, owing to the relationship between chronic mineral depletion and chronic disease, the article is also pertinent.

Healthy Resolutions

A New Year represents a chance to make renewed commitments to one’s health. A fresh start, or a continuing journey. New Year’s resolutions abound, so I’ve decided to toss my New Year’s hat into the ring. I have compiled a list of resolutions related to therapeutic lifestyle change, steps one can take to improve general health.

Chelation Therapy: Is It Time Now?

The Western world is faced with a health-related dilemma in this day and age, pertaining to how can we best protect ourselves against chronic degenerative disease. The theories of aging are focussing on stress from free radical formation, known as oxidative stress, as causative in many of our current common chronic illnesses, including heart disease and neurologic conditions. The acceleration of free radical formation occurs in the face of environmental toxicity, from toxic metals exposure, to chemicals in our diet, to psychological stress, to air and water pollution.