Vitamin K2 and Your Heart

One study on vitamin K2 found that participants with the highest intake were 52% less likely to develop atherosclerosis, and 57% less likely to die from heart disease over a 7-10 year period.

Can a Low FODMAP Diet Help with Histamine Intolerance?

If your histamine intolerance is caused by a gut issue– especially SIBO– then it might be most productive to reduce your intake of high FODMAP foods which feed the bacteria that are producing histamine, while also avoiding major histamine triggers like wine and cured meats.

Salicylate Sensitivity In Children With Autism

Phenols are natural chemicals that are present in varying quantities in almost all foods, especially fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Salicylates are one type of phenol used by plants to protect themselves from harm such as diseases, insects, and certain kinds of bacteria. In terms of their chemical structure, these natural salicylates are very similar to acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin), which is how they first came to be studied in the context of physical and behavioural effects.

Natural Approaches to Estrogen Dominance by Dr. Tatiana, ND

Previously, we covered what estrogen dominance is and what causes it. Now, let’s focus on what you can do today to decrease estrogen dominance and its associated health conditions.   The traditional medical approach for the past 20 years has been to address...