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We don’t think that distance should stop you from getting the functional medicine help and expertise you need. Dr. Gannage offers virtual and phone appointments to patients near and far.   
*certain restrictions apply

If you’re looking for a root-cause focused, whole person approach to…

➢ Histamine Intolerance
➢ Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
➢ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
➢ Depression or Anxiety
➢ Autism Spectrum Disorder
➢ Cognitive Impairment
➢ Autoimmune Disease
➢ Gut Health & GI Disorders
➢ Hormone Issues
➢ Complex Chronic Illness
➢ Chronic Pain
… and much, MUCH more

 … Request your comprehensive virtual functional medicine consultation with Dr. Gannage now.    

*certain restrictions apply


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