Why Intravenous Nutrients? A Naturopathic Perspective by Jonathan Beatty, ND

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Why IV Nutrients?

The benefits of intravenous therapy are often underestimated by many patients and even their doctors. Intravenous therapy refers to the direct injection of a therapeutic substance directly into the blood stream of a patient. Not all injection medicine is intravenous therapy; substances can also be injected under the skin or into the muscle. For the sake of brevity, I will focus solely on intravenous (IV) therapy.

Intestinal health issues are one of the most common presenting complaint from patients that I see. Whether this is their primary concern or not, all too often there is some measure of intestinal dysfunction. Patients and their doctors will often underestimate the importance of these concerns in evaluating their case. The gut is the main area of absorption of medications and nutrients, the very tools required for healing. If these substances cannot be transferred into the blood stream to be carried to the target areas, healing cannot occur. This is precisely the area where treatment with intravenous medications and nutrients can be very important and effective. Early intervention with these therapies will speed the healing of the tissue so that it can perform its functions properly. Once the intestinal tract is functioning optimally dietary therapy and oral medicines and supplements will begin to work more effectively.

A classical example of this type of patient is one with celiac disease. Celiac disease is an allergy to gluten proteins in certain grains that results in the destruction of the intestinal lining. Interestingly, patients with this condition will not always present with intestinal complaints. Often the first signs of celiac disease are nerve problems, fatigue, weight changes, skin problems, or joint pains. In most cases these presenting symptoms are due to a nutrient deficit. B12 deficits will cause nerve problems, iron deficiency will lead to fatigue, vitamin A or E deficiencies can cause skin problems, and a lack of the correct fats can lead to joint inflammation. Oral supplementation of these products will not likely provide the patient with much benefit, even if they are identified celiac and avoid dietary gluten. The reason for the lack of effectiveness comes from the loss of absorptive capabilities of the intestine. As described previously, in order for the intestines to heal it needs the correct nutrients, in order for those nutrients to be absorbed the intestine needs to heal. We have a problem, but one with a simple solution. Intravenous administration of the required nutrients allows for the transfer of the required nutrients to appropriate tissues and healing to occur. This then allows for recovery of the patient and improved responses to oral interventions.

Celiac patients are not the only ones that can benefit from IV medicines. Many conditions cause impairments in absorption or have an increased requirement of nutrients.

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