What’s in the air in beautiful BC?

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What’s in the air in beautiful BC?

Just back from running a homeopathic workshop in British Columbia. Despite the cool, grey weather, it was inspiring to see the number of people engaging in healthy lifestyles out there.  Everywhere you look people are walking and hiking, bike lanes are busy with commuters and leisure riders, walking downtown you see shop after shop offering healthy food choices.

Is it something in the BC air, or just the west coast mindset that drives people to eat healthier and be more active?  So inspiring to see people of all ages, from infants in joggers to seniors in hiking gear, getting out and about being active.  Either way, good incentive to come back home and bounce back into a healthier routine after traveling. Back to regular daily workouts, bye-bye to processed foods (hard to avoid when traveling sometimes), and making sure I’m getting healthy amounts of protein and raw produce with each meal.

Even just after the first day back, already feeling better and more ‘myself’ eating straight from the garden and cutting out the processed grain products.  Away we go!

Christine Jambrosic, Homeopath at Markham Integrative Medicine

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