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The Road Back to Health Goes Through the Gut

As living beings, the quality of our digestion relates holistically to the function of every cell in every organ or gland within our bodies. The first step is making the correct food choices, providing the proper fuel for our inner machinery. What have become staples in our diet e.g. excessive dairy, refined grains, refined sugars, coffee, alcohol and processed meats, can slowly undermine the proper functioning of our digestive tract (and other organs, including our brains). In combination with overuse of medications (e.g. antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antacids, steroids, and hormones) and stress, the more than 2.5 billion pounds of chemical pollutants dumped into our environment each year contribute to the burden of chronic disease that we are faced with at this point in human history .

There was a time when foods were eaten as close to their original source as possible, where additives and processing were unheard of. With the advent of modern day agricultural practices, changes in the family unit, the premium placed on convenience, and lack of rotation in our diets of wholesome foods, chronic illness has soared in our population, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer; as well as pediatric cancers, obesity, allergic illnesses and autism. The road back to wellness always includes proper nutrition and behaviour, and MAINTENANCE of them as part of everyday life. Does this need to be difficult? I don’t believe it does. Seek out like-minded individuals, and there are more of them everyday, and the journey will have many rewards.If you have eaten improperly for a number of years, the process of regaining your health may need to extend beyond an incorporation of wholesome foods. In the pyramid of intervention that we focus on at 300 Main Street, the initial step is dedicated to reducing toxicity within one’s intestinal system, and restoring proper liver function.

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