Homeopathy and Surviving the Holidays by Christine Jambrosic, PDHom

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Blog

‘Tis the season for cheer and joy, celebrating with friends and family, right?  This is what all the holiday songs tell you, but the reality of this time of year can often be much different.  First there can be the overindulgences, travelling sickness/jet lag, and coughs and colds as we get tired and stressed.  But beyond that there can be the mental/emotional baggage that can surface this time of year.  Long standing issues can rise to the surface, hurts and griefs thought forgotten, the mental and emotional toll can sometimes be overwhelming.  Disappointment, sadness, depression, anxiety and anger can colour the holidays in a not so cheery way.  While long standing issues should really be dealt with constitutionally with a professional homeopath, there are some remedies that you can keep on hand for short term relief to help and get you through any issues that may come up in the short term.


Holiday parties and get-togethers abound during this season, and can be wonderful ways to connect with friends and family.  These joyous occasions see food and alcohol flowing freely and usually tempt even the most stoic of healthy eaters.  For the times when you wish you hadn’t indulged quite so much, homeopathic remedies can help to get you through.

Nux Vomica is the remedy to reach for after overeating, especially rich foods, as well as too much alcohol (it’s the proverbial ‘hangover’ remedy).  It can help symptoms ranging from indigestion, constipation and heartburn to headaches and irritability.

Carbo veg will help if you’re experiencing more gas, burping and distension in your abdomen with an uncomfortable feeling of fullness.

Arsenicum is the one to reach for if you suspect food poisoning from that crab dip left out too long, especially with severe vomiting, diarrhea or cramps.

Anxiety and Stress

Whether it’s preparing for the big dinner at your house, or battling traffic to get to an even on time, stress and anxiety can abound for many people during the holidays.  There are many ways you can help to relieve some of this, whether you choose to treat with homeopathy or not.  The fastest and easiest thing to start with is simply removing yourself from the situation, even for a few minutes.  Spend that time doing some deep breathing, walking briskly or doing some exercise that gets your heart rate up.  Visualize everything working out ok (it usually does!), and then pick up where you left off.  If driving in the car, put on some relaxing music and know that whenever you reach your destination will be fine.

Cocculus is great when you’re running on empty from staying up too late doing last minute things or going to too many parties.  It’s also a great remedy for jet lag and motion sickness, so a good one to keep in your purse.

Coffea, (made from coffee, so think of that hyper-alert feeling you can get when drinking one too many coffees) is great for when you can’t get your mind to settle or feel jittery and anxious.  This is particularly good for kids who can’t calm down or sleep from excitement or anticipation.

If you find yourself worrying constantly about things, or feeling stressed from anticipation of what’s to come, Argentum nitricum is the remedy to keep close by.  This is when you find yourself restless and pacing, worried about how you will do, and is really good for stage fright (especially if any of this is accompanied by nervous diarrhea).

Generally speaking, aim to use a 30c potency, every 4 hours or so until symptoms start to improve.  For kids, you can take a few globules into an ounce or two of bottles water to sip on until they are feeling better.  The more intense your symptoms, the more often they may need to take a sip (from every few minutes to every few hours).  Just remember to stop when symptoms start to improve.

Happy Holidays!


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