Histamine Intolerance Resources

Histamine intolerance resources from Dr. John Gannage, MD. Read more or book your consult in the Greater Toronto Area.

Histamine Reaction: What It ACTUALLY Looks Like Inside and Out

Understanding the underlying root cause of a histamine reaction is essential for reducing your risks and improving your symptoms.

Who Cut the Cheese

Can you eat cheese if you have histamine intolerance? This is one of the most common questions I receive. If you’ve been newly diagnosed with histamine intolerance or mast cell activation syndrome, you understand the panic around your new dietary changes. 

Getting Your Mast Cells Through the Holidays

If you have mast cell activation issues or histamine intolerance, the holidays can feel tricky. How can you stay low-histamine during the holidays without sacrificing your sanity?

Histamine Intolerant? Food Prep Methods to Avoid — And Choose Instead

One of the most important aspects of keeping your histamine levels at bay is food prep!

The Connection Between PMS and Histamine

PMS symptoms are so common that many women think they are normal and inevitable. This is not the case. PMS symptoms that interrupt your regular life are not normal.

Mast Cells and Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month. There isn’t a better way to mark this occasion but to discuss lesser-known factors that may play a role in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Though there are countless studies on the connection between mast cells and autism, the role and...

Coronavirus and Mitochondrial Function

Emerging research suggests that the COVID-19 can seriously impact your mitochondrial function. Supporting your mitochondrial health may be critical for reducing severe symptoms and hospitalization.

Long Hauler Syndrome – Part 2

If you are experiencing symptoms of Long Hauler COVID, there are a number of dietary and other measures you can take to best support yourself. These tips should help you get started on your recovery journey if you remain unwell from COVID.

Vagus Nerve and Histamine

Calming your nervous system is an essential part of healing, no matter your symptoms. Yet, I notice that so many of my patients are stuck in a stressful state. Their sympathetic nervous system is ramped up…

Tips for Stabilizing Mast Cells

Mast cell activation syndrome is a complex health issue that may affect multiple areas of your body. It may be triggered by mold, toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, allergens, food, and stress. It may cause rashes, hives, itching, headaches, fatigue, weakness,...