Why Intravenous Nutrients?

Intravenous nutrient therapy can be a valuable tool for setting the wheels in motion for recovery from a stressful period or ongoing fatigue, or to assist in specific medical conditions. At MIM, we use a number of different protocols to suit the needs of the patient. A detailed history leads to an understanding of a patient’s needs. The starting point is always a focus on diet. There are some circumstances where diet change, however, and oral supplements may not be enough, so the patient and I will discuss the potential benefits of an intravenous infusion of nutrients.

The following circumstances might lead to a discussion about the benefits of intravenous nutrient therapy:

1) a period of acute or chronic stress, leading a patient to feel “empty” and with debilitating fatigue.

2) an acute illness requiring micronutrients to assist recovery.

3) a patient with a digestive disturbance that disallows adequate absorption of nutrients from food or oral supplements.

4) a diagnosis of cancer, where the patient requires nutrient support or alternative cancer therapy, as an adjunct to conventional cancer care. This is a selective process based on understanding the patient’s total cancer care and oncology recommendations.

5) a diagnosis of heart disease, where again a selection process is undertaken to determine if intravenous nutrients, as part of chelation therapy, are the correct fit for a given patient.

6) after dental amalgam removal, preferably within 6 hours, a nutrient drip that includes Vitamin C and minerals can be used to safeguard the tissues against the damaging effects of released mercury.

Each of these possibilities requires a thorough understanding of the patient, pre-treatment lab testing, and appropriate consent in an office consultation with Dr. Gannage or Dr. Tatiana.  If you think you might benefit, the office staff is standing by to schedule an appointment for you.