Hormone imbalances show up in many different ways, from depression to adult-onset acne, infertility and obesity. Balancing hormones is a huge part of my practice at Markham Integrative Medicine and often times, discovering the root cause requires specialty testing that is beyond the scope of conventional blood work.

Month-Long Female Hormone Panel: Menstrual irregularities, infertility, menopause and PMS are the result of an imbalance in steroid hormones. Simple blood tests provide only a snapshot during the month, useful only if there is an absolute abnormality. Furthermore, serum/blood tests of certain hormones do not accurately reflect the hormone concentration that reach tissues and has a physiological effect. Salivary hormone testing is performed over 11 days throughout the month, mapping out the absolute concentration and relative balance of the female hormones—estrogen and progesterone, FSH and LH.

Male Hormone Panel: With age, men experience a natural decline in the production of male hormones, including testosterone. While this is a natural process, some men experience a faster decline with significant symptoms, such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, difficulties losing weight, decreased muscle mass and depression. Before treatment is commenced, salivary hormone testing reports deviations in testosterone, DHEA/S, Androstenedione, DHT and Estrogen.

Adrenal Stress Index: Let’s face it, we are under a lot of stress. And we know the negative effects of stress, in general, but do we know how stress is affecting our bodies specifically? Is it causing excess abdominal fat? Maybe frequent colds & flus? Could it be contributing to infertility? The natural rhythm of cortisol—highest in the morning and lowest at night—makes it difficult to test in our blood at multiple points throughout the day. Couple that with the stress that many people experience at the thought of needles or giving blood and the one-point serum cortisol is not always helpful. Once again, salivary hormone testing is invaluable. With the convenience of spitting into a cup 4 times a day, you have an accurate representation of your stress and the resulting impact on your insulin, steroid hormones, and immune system.

At Markham Integrative Medicine we use the diagnostic tools necessary to formulate and implement the most appropriate and effective treatment plan. We offer a wide-array of specialty tests diagnostics and we continue to implement newer and better testing. These tests, when ordered by a healthcare practitioner, may be partially covered by extended health plans.